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Check Out DFW will truly be a unique, fresh experience for readers and marketing partners when it launches this fall, but what actually makes it so different?

Actually quite a few things.

This post explains why Check Out DFW is a first-of-its-kind website and how readers and advertisers will be able to interact with the platform that’s coming to several north Dallas suburbs.

Talk to experts

What we will do: Readers will have numerous ways to ask questions to experts — both in the real estate industry and in our communities — giving buyers and sellers, as well as residents (both new and longtime), answers to everything they might wonder about when it comes to real estate and quality of life in a community.

Why it’s unique: Our vetting process for our experts will ensure that the advice we’re providing will create credible information. Not only will it help our audience get information they can use but they’ll know where that content is coming from. Engaging with our audience and addressing our readers’ needs isn’t something we just say, it’s core to our content strategy and the experience we're delivering on our website. Questions from readers will fuel so many of the stories we will tell.

Helpful recommendations

What we will do: Through using those experts mentioned above, we’re focused on helping those new to town, but also people who are looking to change or add a home service. Our  recommendations will feature the best contractors, vendors and services in that community in lists that help you.

Why it’s unique: While things like food and weekend things to do lists are pretty common in many cities, our lists will really focus on how to get a job done, like finding a service for your family or something that you need for your home. Our process for vetting experts, plus the exhaustive research we’re doing reviewing recommendations and lists, will help ensure this information is accurate and useful.

Connecting through text

What we will do: Our audience will be able to communicate directly with our experts through a texting platform. This platform will provide the opportunity for open-ended questions as well as specific conversations we start based on the most common questions our audience is asking.

Why it’s unique: The texting platform creates an incredibly easy way to interact, and while many use texting for pushing out news — and we’ll do a little of that too — the one-to-one communication with those who really know specialized areas is a special opportunity for our audience and the experts they’ll get to hear from.

Content that helps you get things done

What we will do: From galleries that help you discover homes in price points you can afford to real estate that has features you’re seeking, our content will help you take action. The same is true for all the information that will live on our core city pages, all helping you do something, whether that’s signing up for a youth sport league or discovering something fun to do through learning how local celebrities like to spend time in your town.

Why it’s unique: There’s no shortage of real estate photo galleries on the Internet. But so much of that is eye candy, featuring homes most people can’t afford. Sure, it’s fun to look at, but is it actually helping you? We’re flipping all of this and will create galleries that help you discover what you can actually afford, where to stay when you vacation and how to find homes that have features you are seeking.

Storytelling for brands

What we will do: Provide brands with powerful marketing opportunities that will help them tell their stories through sponsored content. Also integrate them into our storytelling in transparent and really impactful ways that showcase their expertise to our audience.

Why it’s unique: While sponsored content is nothing new, we’re making it the core of how we tell a brand’s story. You’re not going to find a site loaded with popups or takeover ads, creating a bad user experience. We’ll create numerous positions to showcase the content through placement in highly viewed areas and advertising units that look beautiful and are positioned within the stream of content. We’ll extend the reach of great branded content across our email newsletters, social media platforms and more.

Keep up with us

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