Police car

Lewisville is generally a safe place to live, according to data that shows the city is well below the national average for overall violent crimes and at the national level for property crimes.

There’s good news though in the trend line as both overall violent crime and property crime are on the decline.

The Lewisville Police Department submits data through the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) to the FBI. That information shows that both violent crimes and property crimes have both dropped the last few years. That link will provide you a variety of crime data points specifically for Lewisville.

Here’s a chart showcasing the violent crime:


Here’s a chart showcasing property crime:

According to www.bestplaces.net, the crime rankings on a 1-100 scale (1 being low) looks like this:

Violent crime

• Lewisville violent crime: 16.7

• US average: 22.7

Property crime

• Lewisville property crime: 35.4

• US average is 35.4

You can find an interactive map of crime in Lewisville.