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After 30 years working as a McKinney firefighter, Steve Horton and his wife Lyn decided to open their business N&P Farm and Dairy.

They sell a plethora of products including raw cow milk, raw goat milk, grass fed beef, grass fed chicken, grass fed pork, jams and jelly.

“Pretty much the whole gamut of farm products,” Steve said.

While he has many favorite products they sell, Steve is particularly proud of their chicken.

How did they get started?

Steve explained that he’s had a farm his entire life, and even while he was a firefighter the family would provide food for themselves.

When Steve retired, they decided to open their business.

“We decided we would branch out and try to sell some products and it’s kind of snowballed to where we’re at,” Steve said.

What does a typical day in the life look like?

They start working bright and early at 5:30 in the morning. Steve explained that the first thing they do is milk the cows and then chill that milk. They then move on to milking the goats. 

“it’s pretty much a full day everyday,” Steve said.

Where can you buy their products?

N&P Farm and Dairy sells at the McKinney farmer’s market every Saturday. They also have a store in Farmersville open on Wednesday and Saturday. Visit their website here for more information.

Caroline is a Senior at Texas Christian University, expecting to graduate in May 2023. She is majoring in English and minoring in Writing and Sociology. She is an intern this summer for Check Out DFW