Struggling to find a daycare in Frisco or considering sending your child to a new one? 

We found the most highly-recommended daycares in the Frisco area through scouring reviews on sites like Facebook and Yelp.

Here they are:

Alpha Montessori School

This is a private Montessori school and infant and toddler daycare center. They provide 100% vegetarian food. They are open all year and offer full and part-time child care enrichment and extracurricular programs. Parents are updated weekly regarding their child's progress and daily reports of nap time, food and activities. Parents say their children get many new experiences there, including a child's abilities being enhanced, staff is caring and respectful and the children love it and have great time.
Location: 14275 Rolater Road SW Independence Pkwy and Rolater Rd, Frisco

Kids 'R' Kids of Lawler Farm

These academies are nationally renowned. They want the best for the children under their care and say they prides themselves on having a safe and state-of-the-art environment. There is video monitoring of your child's classroom, creative and technology-driven educational programs, dedicated and caring staff and nutritious meals provided. Parents say they have had nothing but pleasant experiences with them, went above and beyond to keep the children safe during the pandemic, children are excited to come home and tell parents about their day and the staff is professional and personable.

Location: 7040 Independence Pkwy, Frisco

Children's Lighthouse

Their classrooms are specifically focused on individual, relational care to help create essential learning building blocks. Their small classrooms help to build a personal connection with your child in which they can feel comfortable and safe in a nurturing environment. Parents say they are open and honest, always keep the children and families well-being in mind, the staff pays careful attention to each child, children has gained amazing social skills and can't recommend this place even more to others.

Location: 10660 Eldorado Pkwy, Frisco

Crème de la Crème

Their core values are to provide a safe environment for their children and team members, treat their children, parents and team members with respect, educate the whole child, be responsive, make sound business decisions and challenge themselves to improve. Their vision is they seek to make Crème de la Crème locations throughout the country the most respected early learning centers out there. Also, Crème de la Crème empowers both children and their team members to exceed their potential. Parents say their children verbal skills are amazing and are learning at a fast rate, children love it there, couldn't be happier in enrolling them there and everything about Crème is wonderful.

Location: 9375 Legacy Dr, Frisco

Lexi Masarweh is a junior at Baylor University pursuing a degree in Corporate Communications with a minor in Public Relations. She has worked for the Baylor Lariat as a staff writer.