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John Butcher

In a market where dozens and dozens of offers is becoming the norm and where buyers are going in way over asking price, how can you actually compete?

We asked Check Out DFW Expert John Butcher, a top performing realtor with EbbyHalliday Realtors for his advice for potential buyers and they tackle the real estate market.

Butcher said there are many helpful things agents can do to help their clients succeed in a multiple offer situation.

These strategies below can help, and the more you can do, the better your chances are, Butcher said.

Here are his tips:

1. Use a full time agent that knows this market and has relationships in the industry.

2. Use a local lender that will send an email or text on your behalf reassuring your qualification and desire to buy this home.

3. Have a very short option period or waive the option period all together. It is risky, but it may help be the winning formula.

4. Put a large Earnest Money Deposit, again, this money is at risk to lose, but shows how serious you are.

5. Include a full appraisal waiver, this means that you will cover the difference for any appraisal shortage.

6. Waive your financing period

7. Offer a free leaseback, most loans will allow you to do this for 30 to 45 days.

8. If you ask for an option fee, offer a high number for this. I have had clients offer as much as $3000 for a 5-day option.

9. Include proof of funds, even if you are financing; add the cash to close.

10. Make sure your agent sends a clean contract and all addendums in one PDF file.

11. Close as quickly as you can and offer a leaseback.

12. It used to be customary to order the appraisal 10 to 14 days into the contract, I say order it day 1.

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