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John Butcher

You have decided to go through the process of buying a home but opposed to purchasing a house that someone has lived in, you want to buy a brand new construction.

Given what is happening with inventory in the Dallas/Fort Worth market and supply chain challenges, how long should someone expect it to take to build a house?

We took this topic to Check Out DFW Expert John Butcher to get his view on this topic.

Question: I am interested in new construction but how long should I expect it to take to go through the process of finding a location and building the house?

Butcher called this the “million dollar question,” and recommended getting an experienced agent to help through the process.

“You need an experienced agent, the best agents in the area working with you through this process,” he said.

There are a few reasons for this, he said.

First, he said, buyers will sometimes search for new construction on their own without really understanding the market.

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"Once they reached out to us, we have relationships with certain builders and neighborhoods that allow us to find the right lot," he said.

In addition, Realtors can help get buyers on the next build list.

Also, from time to time, there are homes where construction has been started with approved permits that Realtors know about.

"We may have access to that information and that cuts building times in half," he said.

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But how long will it take to typically get your new home built? Butcher said most builders say anywhere from 11-13 months.

But Butcher said his firm is able to typically get that timeframe down per some of the ways he noted above. 

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