This column is written by Kim Muench, certified parent coach and founder of Real Life Parent Guide. She is a contributor for Check Out DFW.  

Today's question: My child is starting at a new school, what can I do to set them up for success?

Starting a new school can bring on a lot of feelings in your child, including anxiety and/or excitement.

This is understandable, right? To help ensure your child has the best opportunity for a smooth transition, give them the time and space to listen to their feelings about the situation. 

If they share some feelings that cause you discomfort (for example: they are anxious and don’t want to start a new school and you are beginning to feel guilty for moving) the most important thing you can do is reflect back to them what you are hearing.

Don’t ignore their feelings or belittle or tell them that “everything’s going to be okay”. Just hold space for their feelings. I know it’s not easy, but you becoming stressed out or feeling regretful is not going to serve you or your child. Second, show them how to invest in their new school situation by being a model for this and volunteering for something at the new school.

In short, lead by example.

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