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Check Out DFW’s mission is to inform and empower local communities with helpful real estate content, trusted local recommendations and expert advice that give our readers a leg up. It’s critical to us that everyone can access and benefit from our content, no exceptions. You’ll never see a paywall on our site! 

How are we able to do this? Through unique marketing partnerships with local businesses -- compelling programs that help reputable brands establish presence and credibility across our platforms, engage meaningfully with readers, discover new customers and tell their stories. 

These stories are the foundation of the Sponsored Content that you will see on Check Out DFW (our site, email newsletters and more). Sponsored Content enables brands to share what’s unique about them through full-length text or visual content. This encompasses a wide range of themes, from showcasing customer successes to sharing industry expertise and insights to highlighting how a business supports its local community. 

Told professionally and dynamically, Sponsored Content is an effective branding and engagement vehicle for businesses, and is also enjoyable for readers, who take value from the content. And it isn’t distracting, like some forms of digital advertising. Instead, it adds to the reader’s experience. Brand partners work with our professional writers to ensure that their content is high quality.  

Check Out DFW’s Sponsored Content is also clearly labeled, so that readers know exactly who is producing the story. This includes a “Sponsored Content” header, the name of the advertiser in the byline, and a special blue check mark. Here is an example: 

Doing right by readers while creating special value for marketing partners -- it’s a core part of Check Out DFW’s helpfulness-centered mission. 

Here are stats from Hubspot and Nielsen surveys with what audiences say about Sponsored Content: 

If you’re a business that’s looking to share your unique story with our qualified readers, please reach out and let’s talk about how Sponsored Content can help your brand become memorable. Contact us to get started.