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Today's featured Realtor: Lacy Zihlman, Realtor, Astra Realty

When it comes to winning competitive offers — and we all know how important that is today — Lacy Zihlman has some pretty impressive metrics she's able to share with those considering selling. She wins 50 percent of homes that are in competitive offers, a pretty big stat today since so many homes are in competitive offer situations.

We caught up with Lacy to learn more about her background, experience and why she loves being in real estate.

Tell us about your background

I'm a mom of two young kid and my broker, who is my best friend, begged me for years to get my real estate license and join her; only regret is I should have done it sooner because I absolutely love what I do.

I have been in real estate for four years, always with Astra Realty. I specialize in Denton and Collin counties but have sold as far as East Texas in the Piney Woods.  My career prior to real estate was in corporate retail but I wanted something more conducive to family life. I work hard, play hard and my family always comes first.

Share any performance metrics you are proud of

I was the Top Producer in 2021 with Astra Realty. Also, on average, I win more than 50% of multiple offer situations when submitting an offer for my buyers

What do you think has made you successful?

I am happy to share real estate advice with anyone, no strings attached; I’m not pushy, I just want to be a good resource.  I am all about educating people so they can decide what is best for their family and their situation.

What do you love most about being in real estate?  

Meeting new people and making their home buying dreams come true.  And seeing some fabulous homes along the way is definitely a perk

What do you think clients would say about working with you?

Check out my Google Reviews:

I am friendly, professional and a great communicator.

Any advice to potential clients who might be considering buying or selling right now?

Find an agent who will educate you to make sure you are prepared for every step along the way. This market is different from any other we have experienced, so finding someone who can educate you will be your best way to achieve your goal. I don’t dive right into house hunting with new clients. I take the time to talk with them about all the ups and downs they may experience when buying and selling a home. I also talk about all the steps in the process before doing anything. This helps set everyone’s expectations and limit unwanted surprises.

When you’re not helping buyers and sellers, what do you enjoy doing/supporting in your community?

Watching my kids play sports and filming videos about local businesses and sharing them on social media. Too many people are eager to write a bad review so I only write good reviews and like to share my great experiences. We need more positivity wherever we can get it.