Kim Muench has learned that using her own experiences as a parent can be a very effective way of connecting and advising parents she's working with.

The Flower Mound woman and certified parent coach and founder of Real Life Parent Guide shared her story with Check Out DFW recently.

Get to know her here:

Tell us about your background: I am a Jai Institute for Parenting Certified Coach who has been in business since 2016. I market myself to parents of adolescents (ages 10-25) though I have coached parents with younger children as well. My husband and I have four kids together and I brought one into the relationship, kids are 16, 18, 23, 28, 34.

We moved from our home state of Wisconsin to Texas in 2007 for my husband’s job in outdoor advertising, this was a very growing experience for myself and our family as we didn’t know anyone when we moved across the country.

Share any performance metrics you are proud of: I recently published a memoir that was awarded an Amazon #1 New Release in the category of Parent & Adult Child Relationships. I am a regular presenter for LISD middle schools as well as public schools in Southlake and Little Elm.

What do you think has made you and/or your business successful? My genuine desire to connect with and help parents create happier, healthier relationships. Part of this comes from being transparent about the challenges I have faced on my own parenting journey.

What do you love most about being in parent coaching? I love knowing I am helping parents improve the relationships they are having right now with their kids, but that it is legacy work...their future grandchildren and generations beyond will benefit as well.

What do you think clients would say about working with you? My superpower is active listening with compassion and without judgment. I believe all of my clients would tell you this as well as that I am a calming presence in their lives when they are experiencing challenges with their kids. I think they would tell you I use my personal and professional experience sparingly when it’s relevant to do so and help them reconnect with their own inner wisdom about parenting their unique children.

What do you enjoy doing/supporting in your community? I love to walk and do so for 2 hours every single day! I love to read books that help me grow as an individual and on subject matter related to my business because the parent/child relationship is the foundation of everything and is the thing that is brought out into the school, community, world at large. Because most of my kids are grown and flown I love the opportunities we get to get all in one place.